Start your car from wherever you are with a push of a button! Our remote starters enable you to pre-heat your vehicle’s engine. You can warm up your vehicle in the winter and cool it off in the summer. Your vehicle will be warm or cold when it's time for you to enter it. No more scraping ice off windows or getting into a steamy hot car.

Increase your engine’s longevity! Warming the vehicle's engine before driving is a good practice for increasing the survival of the engine. Idling the vehicle's engine for a time before driving makes the engine oil thinner and lubricates the engine better for once the car starts moving.

Track your vehicle online with your Smartphone! GPS tracking provides security benefits if your car is stolen. It also offers many useful alert features for parents, business owners, and many other users. *On GPS equipped Smartphone models only.

At Alta Mere Oklahoma City, we have plenty of remote car starter options to choose from, including systems that integrate with your Smartphone through an easy-to-use app. You can control your vehicle from any touchscreen phone through Smartphone integration systems.

Benefits of Remote Car Starters

  • Comfort

  • Convenience

  • Security

  • Remotely Heat Up or Cool Off Vehicle

  • Engine Protection

  • Smartphone Integration

Pick Your Remote StarT

Remote Start Systems

**vehicles equipped with Push-to-Start may incur additional charges.