GPS Tracking

Keep track of your vehicle and your loved ones with GPS tracking from Alta Mere® Oklahoma City. You can keep track of your automotive investment even when you aren’t in the driver’s seat. Whether your vehicle has multiple drivers, you’re letting your kids take it out for the weekend, your business owns a fleet of cars, or you just want to add another layer of theft prevention, we've got you covered. Alta Mere® Oklahoma City is one of Oklahoma’s leading GPS retailers thanks to our advanced products and services.

Benefits of GPS Tracking

GPS tracking offers business owners and the average car owner added protection.

  • Added safety in the event of theft
  • Track your business's fleet of vehicles
  • Monitor family or friends using your vehicle
  • Keep tabs on teens and elderly parents

Features of GPS Tracking

  • Speed Tracking. Our advanced GPS system provides the vehicle's speed during operation. Help ensure the safety of your car and its precious cargo when family, friends, and especially new drivers are using the vehicle.
  • Location Tracking. GPS allows you to find your car after a theft and monitor your children's driving habits. It can also be used to find your car when you forget where you parked
  • GEO-Fencing. GEO-Fencing places a virtual perimeter around a geographic area and alerts you when your vehicle leaves that area. This alert allows you to rest easy while being able to respond quickly if your vehicle leaves the specified area.

GPS Tracking Systems

VSM350 Viper GPS SmartStart System

  •   Location Tracking
  •   Speed tracking
  •   GEO-Fencing

*annual service fee is required