Why There Is a Buzz Around Car Protection Film

Paint protection film is a new-age idea for protecting cars. It is actually a polyurethane film serving the purpose completely. Initially, it was invested to protect military vehicles, then later on, other heavy-duty vehicles. Now it is the first choice for car lovers or automotive enthusiast. The drivers of luxury or normal cars cannot think of driving their wheels on the road without a PPF coating. This paint protection film is there to protect the car from rocks, chips, scratches and debris.

Paint Protection Film.jpg

The PPF or protection film, known also as clear bra for cars has self-healing properties. It helps to heal a scratch over time with heat. Before it is applied to the car, the surface is completely decontaminated. It is quite resistant to rock chips, and scratch resistant, while not damaging the paint. Initially, the films would turn yellow as the adhesive oxidizes but with this new technology, it stays crystal clear forever.

Why This PPF Film?

  • This is a protective accessory for cars. Drivers previously needed to use different tools like anti-moisture wax, sap remover or bug cleaning tools for excess water, tree sap, bugs, debris, rocks, road salts and anything else.

  • It protects graphic designs on the cars or decals. If you are promoting your brand on a car and using it as an advertising medium, you should use paint protection film.

  • Sometimes a transparent clear bra for cars helps to make the original color of the car shine and gloss. It helps to make the exterior look even better, the car run longer and gives great protection.

  • It reduces the expense of the car as you do not need to re-paint. If you want to resell the car, this will give you a higher price.

Come to Alta Mere for a clear bra for cars. We apply this film to the car according to your choice and thoroughly inspect the process. You can ask for partial or full protection. Make sure to paint the car beforehand if there is any discoloration or scratches.