Utilities, Limitation and Maintenance Tips for Paint Protection Film

We all know about the utilities of paint protection film for our car, still, many thoughts come up in our mind when installing it. And here is when we make mistakes. We care for our car; we choose the paint to give our car a stunning look, right? Does it feel good to notice the paint fading out or discolored? Indeed it does not. And, who doesn’t know the awful cost of repainting a car again? Paint protection film is the only way out. It protects your car paint from minor scratches, debris, bird droppings, chemicals, discoloration and many others contaminants.

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Here is some quick information to make it easy for you to decide on paint protection film.

There are different types of protection films available on the market. All of the variants are made with thermoplastic which is flexible depending on the temperature. Take a look at the variants.

Paint Protection Film is generally made of polyurethane. It is transparent in nature so your original car paint won’t be covered by it. It is designed especially to act as a barrier between the paint and the elements. A professional is needed to install it seamlessly onto the car.

Another type is vinyl wrap. It is made of polyvinyl which generally has graphics, quotes and color on it. It covers your car paint and gives your car an entirely different presentation. These are thinner than the previous one mentioned and so, less durable. This works great for business promotion. Needless to say, it also needs a professional for installation.

It is not like you will install paint protection film and forget about it. Everything has a durability period and this is no exception. When you notice wear and tear on the film, you should replace it with a new one. The film is easily removed with the right tools and a new one can be installed right away. Professionals carry a special kit for installation and replacement.

You can elongate its durability following some basic methods:

  • You can protect your car from abrasions that are visible on the paint but not on the film. But repeated abrasions can make it look pale. A proper coat can make it apparent on the film. Ask a professional about it.

  • The films have a self-healing property, but that does not mean you just leave it as it is. A film coating kit can be used here to maintain it property.

  • Yellowing is one pitfall of paint protection film when it is not maintained correctly.  This is the effect of UV rays. Many films come with a UV protectant property that defers the yellowing process. For extra protection, you can install UV blockers on the film to keep it safe for a longer time.

  • From natural contaminants, often the film becomes brownish. This rust-colored look is avoidable. If the film is installed by a professional there is no chance for the contaminants to stick under the film and bring on the brownish color.

  • Washing the film is required. Not with harsh water force but with a soft one, the film should be cleaned to maintain the polished look.

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