Top 4 Types of Paint Protection Film for Your Car

If you have decided that your car deserves a special care and the car paint protection film is a good option for that, you should install the right one for your car. The scorching heat of the Oklahoma City is enough to damage car paint besides other prominent causes; therefore, no one can deny the importance of this film. Do you know what type of protection your car needs? The installers can help you in this case. They can have a preference and that is because of the experience of installation. But to agree on their point, you should have a clear idea on these types as well.

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Continue reading this article for having an idea about the paint protection film, its types and the pros and cons, so that you can decide the right one for you.

For the paint protection, you can either have a coating or a film. The coating is placed on the car to make a bond with it. It can be removed with the abrasion only. It is excellent to provide protection for the car paint, but this is not removable. The car protection film offers the same benefit, but you can change it. It is a film stuck on the car.

The coating does not have many options, but the paint protection film has. Let’s focus on the options.

3M Scotchgard

This is the one which is famous for its durability. This film comes with five to seven years of warranty, but rarely people claim for the warranty. The adhesive makes it stay on the paint. It is mostly transparent on the car paint. The installation may take a longer time as it is not applied in the cold weather.


It is clearer than the previous one. It has a self-healing nature that is beneficial for the car. Pouring of hot water over the car can remove the scratches. It comes with a five-year warranty facility and takes less time to install. The adhesive is not so powerful to make it successful among its competitors.

XPEL Ultimate

It comes with 10 years of warranty. Being almost invisible, it provides a better aesthetics than the others. The installation is also user-friendly. But the catch is with the removal. Without extra precaution, this can be stuck to the car body. Leaving a line in the middle of the panels can be a result of being a little careless while removing it.


It is a new edition to paint protection film. It utilizes the nano-coating technology and improves the protection quality. The chips, stains, ding and discoloration is prevented through the film. It has non-yellowing and self-healing power. It offers combined benefits of the others but in a better way. Invisible to the car exterior, it gives superior protection to the car.

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Despite discussing everything regarding the most popular paint protection film, if you have queries on the same, you can ask the expert, the professionals of Alte Mere. The professional team can be hired as well to install the best one for your car.