There is a Broad Line Between PPF and Ceramic Coating

Amongst car owners in Oklahoma City, there is one very common question, rather query, about car protection film and car paint protection coatings. People who are interested in protecting their cars often become confused between these two terms. In reality, these two are very much different and serve different purposes. Let’s go through the differences.

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Auto paint protection film is a clear polyurethane film that traditionally protects military vehicles. Eventually, the car industry started using this film or PPF, and now it is a common choice for car owners to get protection. This film is known to protect cars from chips, rocks, bird dropping and other contaminants. Some of the high-end PPF films have self-healing properties; it makes it quite a good option for scratches. With these films, scratches tend to fade out or vanish with time. Before applying this auto paint protection film, you need to clean the car’s paint surface really well and make sure there are no contaminants. If required you can polish it and apply the film.

This film is a protectant from rock chips, and resistant to scratches. Sometimes rocks can affect the film and pierce it but the paint is always damage-free. A professional installer knows how to install the film without damaging the paint. In the initial stages of use, the adhesive used to turn yellowish over time. Now with the evolving technology, the adhesive does not discolor at all.

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On the other hand, car paint protection in Oklahoma City sometimes refers to ceramic coating. This is applied to the paint’s surface as a permanent layer of protection. Though it is claimed that such protection is more scratch resistant, chemical resistant, heat tolerant and UV protectant, there is no such proof that you should get this ahead of car paint protection film. To some extent, environmental damage and other elements have difficulties penetrating the coating, but that is only in the beginnings of having it. Ceramic coatings cannot stop rock chips or anything that causes deep gouges.

Now, it is your call which one you would like to install on your car to protect it. At Alta Mere, we take the best care of cars when installing PPF. For added shine, glamour and protection, there is no alternative to PPF. If you use the car daily, do not assault it with rock chips and install PPF today.