The Technologies Behind Window Tinting

Car window tinting is something we all know about. This is basically a film applied on car surface including windows to protect the paint and the interior of the car from sunrays, harmful UV rays, debris, and dust. This window tinting has come up a long way since its inception and it has new implementations and technologies. What are the car window tinting technologies in OKC? Let’s discuss.

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Classic Series Window Tinting

This classic series window tinting is available in different shades and this is a great option for enhancing privacy. Because of the different judicial structure, every state has different car paint rules and the companies need to abide by those thoroughly. This window tinting allows accentuating the look of the car without making any changes to it. The car window tinting and its design are completely based on dyed film technology with a no color change warranty. This window film has long-lasting color and appearance of the dyed film.

Comfort Series Window Tinting

For all stylish drivers, this is a popular choice. It has a unique metal alloy combined with a special dyed layer to provide a higher heat rejection level than conventional dyed films. It has a wide array of color options from which you can select any of it to give the perfect desired luxurious look to your car. It has better stability to color, less tendency of fading out. You can make completely dark windows, up to 95 percent or a standard dark up to 50 percent than its original shadow level.

Pinnacle Series Window Tinting

This is a type of car window tinting in OKC based on nanoceramic films. It does not interrupt with GPS electronic signals, remote starter, radar detector, mobile phone, any other electronic gadgets or radio frequency technology. This one protects the car from heat; it has non-metalized, nonconductive technology that maximizes heat and UV ray rejection. Thus, the car remains safe and cool inside and protected from the outside. This film maintains the upkeep of the window glass quality, enhances its looks and overall value.

Stratos Series Window Tinting

This tinting technology is based on the groundbreaking and hybrid technology. It makes this window tinting heat-absorbing. The nanoscopic particles layered within the film is responsible for absorbing heat and dispersing it. It reflects 63 percent of heat and 96 percent of harmful UV rays. This is ideal for fleet and other connected cars because the non-metal technology for maximum heat rejection, especially with no signal interference makes it ideal for GPS electronic signals, remote starter, radar detector, mobile phone, and other electronic gadgets.

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Air Clear Series Window Tinting

This micro-thin layer is not visible from outside. This non-ceramic tint technology does not darken window but protects it. It protects the glass from shattering, blocks 99 percent of UV rays and it does not interfere in the original look of the car.

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