The Best Care for Paint Protection Film

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You took an important step in having your vehicle protected by a 3M premium paint protection film, right? This is one of the best ways to protect it against the risks of the Oklahoma City roads. Here are a few tips to help you take care of your car paint protection.

When the film is applied, you must wait for a few weeks before you use a mechanical auto wash. Any kind of pressure can lift the film. You do hand washing after three days of applying the paint protection film. Still, it takes a month to cure entirely depending on weather conditions.

In some of the smaller areas that have not been fixed, there may be bubbles or condensation under the film. Bubbles will evaporate and disappear. Eventually, it will settle the film.

Take Care of the Film

  1. The film is porous, so you must seal it. The film appearance may turn dull over time as dirt and dust may settle on it. Use the sealant, depending on the conditions you are living in, twice a month or more. After every car wash the film should be sealed.

  2. Avoid products based on petroleum, degreasers, dyes, abrasives, and tar removers.

  3. Hard water spotting may occur and is common since the film is vulnerable to it. Your film warranty does not cover hard water deposits when it is sun baked and cannot be polished off. Wipe the film completely dry after each wash to prevent spots.

  4. Moisture trapped in the film can take up to four months to dry completely.

  5. Use a lint-free soft rag and press the edges of the film gently within the first 24 hours of film installation.

  6. Failing to keep the film as instructed can void the warranty.

Talk to our professionals at Alta Mere for more information on how you can care for your new 3M auto protection film on your car or when it comes to getting a film installed. Ensuring that the best possible attention is given is essential for the life and well-being of the film. The film can be installed and the right sealants and washing products recommended by our certified technicians. We can give detailed instructions if you have any questions.

For car paint protection in Oklahoma City and expert paint protection film installation, speak to the professionals at Alta Mere.