Remote Starter: A Quick Go Overview

In this technologically advanced age, when gadgets are the top-selling products, it is pretty obvious that vehicles would not stay behind when taking part in this evolution. This has resulted in the introduction of the remote starter.

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Basically, the remote starter is a radio-controlled device that helps the vehicle to be ready before the owner gets into it. To do this, there is a special button on a key or chain that gets pushed to activate the system. This starts the vehicle automatically for a predetermined amount of time until you get in. 

Isn’t that interesting? Professionals of remote start installation in OKC have some more interesting facts on it. Here they are.


In general, the remote starter maintains a specific range to function. The range varies between 500 feet to 5000 feet. To start your car, you need to be within this range. You can not expect it to work beyond this range.

The Programming

It is much more than a mere startup of the car. The advanced features make it more efficient than just a starter. It can:

  1. Allow keyless entry

  2. Control the temperature before getting into the car.

  3. Gives increased functionality adding value to the asset.


There is a myth about the remote starter and that is pertaining to the warranty of it. It is a myth that the remote starter has the potential to make the car warranty invalid. The fact of the matter is the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975 prohibits the warranty becoming invalid based on the remote starter. It is only possible when FTC determines the product is causing the failures.

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The Installation Process

Though there are several DIY methods available for the installation of many things, and people find these interesting. It is always suggested by the experts to avoid these methods for remote start installation in OKC, if you are not confident in your capabilities. A single mistake can create grave issues. Therefore, it is better to call the professionals of Alta Mere for remote start installation in OKC. You can seek their support for a seamless installation and enjoy technological bliss. They are just one call away!