Paint Protection Film or Ceramic Coating? Learn More to Make Up Your Mind

Your car is one of the biggest assets you own. When you are investing in your car, you certainly do not want it to get damaged. You should look after the car interior for your safety and comfort, while the exterior of the car is responsible for looking good and protecting the inside. Therefore, you need to protect it from all possible damages.

While researching how to protect your car exterior from damage, you must have come across paint protection film, right? Well, there is also another type of protection called ceramic coating. Now, you could be confused as to what you should select for your car. Without having adequate knowledge on both types, you may not be able to choose the right one. Here are some details of these two types, so that you can get the perfect car paint protection in Oklahoma City for your vehicle.

Paint Protection Film.jpg

Paint Protection Film

This is basically a transparent, urethane material that is to be applied to any part of the car’s painted surface. This is to protect the car paint from several types of damage like scratches and chips caused by road debris and rocks, watermarks, chemical stains with acidic contents, mineral deposits, UV rays’ oxidation and many others.

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Ceramic Coating

This is a liquid polymer that is applied to the vehicle surface. It creates a chemical bond with the paint and establishes a protection and hydrophobic surface. The properties of ceramic coating makes it harder for any contaminants to damage the car paint. If you look at the benefits, you will find:

  1. Its capability of keeping the car exterior clean for a longer period.

  2. Less hassle while cleaning.

  3. Chemical stains by acid contents cannot damage the car.

  4. The ill effects of UV rays cannot harm the car as much.

If you were to ask about the similarities of these two types of car paint protection in Oklahoma City or somewhere else, it can be said that the objectives of the products are same, that is to protect the car exterior from all types of damage. And both of these will add value to your car. Whereas, the differences that show up are:

  • The paint protection film is thicker than the ceramic coatings.

  • Paint protection film has a self-healing chemical composition. It can absorb the small, watermarks and scratches.

  • The ceramic coating, despite having the hydrophobic surface lacks the ability of self-healing.

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