Paint Protection Film – How to Take Care of it?

Car paint is the most important part of a car’s exterior. The appearance of a car highly depends on car paint, scratches and marks on it are unsightly. The best way to keep the car exterior bright and gleaming all year round is maintaining it. Thus, you can also save on re-paint costs.

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Taking Care of Paint Protection Film

The car regularly goes outside and obviously you will find dust and debris on it. You should regularly clean all the different areas of the car including wheel-arches, under the bumpers, molding etc. Do not use a high pressure wash because it can tear the protector film. Maintain enough distance in between the water source and car paint otherwise it can destroy the transparent film.

Problematic Filth

Bird droppings, chewing gum, tree gum or sap are all considered rigid and problematic dirt on a cars surface. These can leave permanent marks on the car paint. So, whenever you find it, take immediate action to clean up the paint protection film. Some dirts are corrosive too and can dry up quickly leaving tough marks on the car paint.

These things make the car paint dull and can cause cracks. You should ask professionals to clean it rather than using the bleach available on the market. You can even find sunburn marks on the car as extreme exposure to the sun can make it weak.

Damage to Paintwork

Make regular inspections of the car surface. If there is even a minor scratch, take it seriously and take the necessary steps to fix it. A small scratch can be fixed professionally but an ignored one can make you pay more later.

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Ask the professionals about weekly or monthly care of your car paint. If you are not able to take your car to the service center, ask the professionals for other options.

A Few Tips

  • Wash your car with mild soap and water 48 hours after installing the protection film.

  • You can opt for wax or polymer coating as they do not contain abrasive components.

  • Do not use automatic brushes with rotating tools.

  • After waxing, remove all remnants of wax using a microfiber cloth.

To polish or wax your car or to install a paint protection film, call Alta Mere.