How to Avoid Purple Window Tint

Is your window tint turning purple? We all apply window tint for the car paint protection and as a defense to the car when it comes to pollution and other things. There are a few explanations about this purple window tint. But the most appropriate one so far is the effect of UV rays and the type of dye. If the dye applied on the tint is not a quality material you can soon expect the purpling effect on window tint. Even if the dying process was not followed rightly or it was wrong the window may soon start to turn purple. This is the reason why you need auto window tint applied by professionals. Although it is inevitable to have purple window tint if the quality is cheaper or film is of poor quality.

Auto window tint.jpg

The Essence

A dyed window film is made of polyester film. This film is infused with dyes to get the desired color and shade. This purple appearance of the film comes from ultraviolet rays as it breaks down dyes. The high heat of the sun can break down any quality of the film but this is found barely in high-quality material. You may get alternatives to dyed films is metalized one. This is on a bit expensive site but has aluminum, titanium or other deposits and it does not go well with car equipment.

The window gets its color from a primary mixture of colors like yellow, blue and red. When the sunbeams heat the film, the color yellow is first one to fade out. Now the combination of blue and red starts to turn the film purple.

If you want your auto window tint to stay good for a really long time, you need to ask for UV absorber. You should either use the core polyester film and use absorber on the adhesive layer or use a combination of these two. This will prolong the quality of the film and protect it from turning purple.

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