Let’s Elaborate Why You Need a Full Car Wrap

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The majority of the cars that run on the roads of the United States have a full wrap. Basically, these are paint-protection film intended to protect certain areas. The common areas those are protected of a car using auto paint protection are rocker panels, hood, front bumper, fenders etc. These parts are more prone to damage than other parts, especially road debris, rock chips and other elements cause harm to these parts. This protection film assures that the car paint is fortified against the damage. Here are the top six reasons that you may consider as the facts to damage car paint.

  • Rock chips are harsh, so as these can cause damage to a car. These generally appear in front of the car along the rocker panel or wheel arch. Similarly, smaller chips and other debris also can hit other parts of your car when it is on road. When the car is passing a road full of chips, for obvious reasons small chips will strike the door. Unless the door is protected by a film, it will be damaged.

  • Birds really do not care about your car. Bird droppings are known to create patches on car surface. It does not only look untidy as well as when not treated can leave a permanent mark on the car because of acidic contents. When your car paint is protected with a transparent film, you do not need to worry about it.

  • Tree saps are another major reason for stains on the car surface. These are also acidic and can etch into the car paint when not removed immediately.

  • Acid rain is a curse to the environment. This rain caused by air pollutants can damage car paint also apart from leaving vicious effects on the environment.

  • Rainwater dries out but the acidic components leave a permanent mark on the car. When it is protected by auto paint protection film, you only to remove the film and apply a new one.

  • UV rays are not only harmful to human skin; this one also has a harsh effect on car paint. Prolonged exposure to sun makes the car paint oxidize, makes is dull or fades out the color. Apply car paint on every part of the car exterior that is exposed to the sun.

  • Apart from environmental issues, harsh driving, careless parking or being hit by another car can also damage car paint. When the car is not protected by a car paint film, those scratches and discoloration can make it unsightly.

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If you already have suffered from these and painted the car all over again, you know how much important it is. Before anything such happens again, apply auto paint protection film ASAP. Come to Alta Mere in Oklahoma to get it done!