Let’s Clean Your Car Window Tint the Right Way

You were quite impressed with the window tint film and have applied it on the car windows. In Oklahoma City, there are plenty of service providers of auto window tint. Definitely, this is a wise investment to make. We do not need to further add here in this blog why you should go for car window tinting in OKC or anywhere in the U.S. This is already much talked. No doubt you would like to maintain this window tint so that it lasts long and your car looks good and stay protected.

Clean the Window

There are a few steps that would help to clean the window tint. First, wait for seven to 30 days until the tint is cured and dried completely. It depends on the climate. You can expect to see some hazing, blurred points or water pocket but that is completely normal. For cleaning, use a rubber squeegee or a piece of cotton cloth. Choose the cleaner specifically made for the window tint. The cleaner should be free from ammonia and harsh chemicals.

Lightly spray the cleaner on the auto window tint. Then wipe it out using soft microfiber or cotton cloth. Keep turning the cloth repeatedly for a cleaner surface. Once it is cleaned, spray the cleaner again and now use the rubber squeegee and stroke it until it is dried. Move the squeegee horizontally that is from top to bottom. Use a soft towel to clean any residue.

car window tinting okc.jpg

Dos and Don’ts

  • Do not use any cleaner containing ammonia or any harsh chemicals.

  • Use a cleaner safe for window tint.

  • Do not clean the tint immediately after installation.

  • Clean car exterior normally because window tint is installed to the window interior.

  • Do not use any abrasive component like razor or blade to clean components from the tinted window surface.

  • Ask the installer about the best cleaning product.

  • Do not immediately roll down the window after tint installation.

There was another option to increase the longevity of window tint. Call professionals of car window tinting in OKC to have it done for your car window.