Learn More about a Little Gadget - Backup Camera Installation on Your Car

Back up camera is not a little gadget only, therefore, keeping in mind its importance, from May 2018 all the vehicle under 10,000 pounds will require a backup camera. From 2014, the backup camera is set as mandatory and is also available on the 50 top-selling cars on that time. It is essential as it helps the driver to avoid accidents or any injuries. Our survey says every week 50 kids hit by a backing car, and 48% of them are treated in an emergency. As per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 58 to 69 lives are saved annually with the help of this little gadget. But all of us need to know that a backup camera cannot prevent 100% of back over accidents, so, it is your responsibility to be sincere, be safe and always keep your eyes around and hold your little one’s hand outside. Do you feel it is essential? Still, you do not have it, call Alta Mere for a quick and affordable installation of a backup camera in your car.

Alta Mere_back up camera install okc.png