How Effective is Car Window Tint for Blocking Sunrays?

If you are searching for the quick answer as to if car window tint reduces heat or not, the answer is yes. There are valid reasons after all why the people of OKC are fond of car window tinting and this is just one of the many reasons. By tinting car windows you can not only keep your car interior private but also block sun rays. When the sun rays are blocked, it is obvious that the temperature inside your car will decrease.

It is quite surprising how a thin piece of film can control the temperature level of your car, but the scientific explanations prove the logical ground behind it.

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How Is It Effective in Controlling Heat?

After application, window tints work as a barrier between the sun rays and car interior. The base material of the film includes polyester. In some films, the coating of dye and metal fragments are also included. This gives it a premium quality. These layers provide the capability of being able to block thermal energy from the sun.

There is another technology that plays a crucial part in making it sunray resistant. It is the nano-carbon ceramic technology. The combination of ceramic and carbon particles provides it maximum color and high heat-rejection capacity. This technology makes the tints extremely durable. The outdoor lights and shades are not compromised with this film so, from inside the car, you can clearly see everything outside.

The light transmitting percentages differ from state to state as per the law. The VLT level refers to how much visible light can be transmitted through the tint and the VLA level denotes how much light is to be absorbed by the tint. And the reflection level is determined by the VLR percentage. To understand the percentages and determine if it is complies with Oklahoma’s Law; you can contact the car window tinting professionals in OKC.

If you come to know the light transmittance ratings of your truck window tint or car window tint, you will be able to know how much cooling you can expect. A study was organized on the process and the report has come up with some practical results.

The report states that a premium quality car window tint can reduce the temperature inside the car up to 8 degrees Celsius. This test was also done on a window tint with average quality and it was found that around 65% to 85% of infrared blocking was possible with it. This is enough to understand how much better a premium quality tints can perform.

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How to Buy

While buying a car window tint in OKC for your car, you have to keep in mind that the carbon-ceramic tint has superior quality. The light transmission level is something you have to decide depending on your budget and the state law. Just be sure that UVB and UVA rays are blocked with the tint. When you are buying the tint from a company ask them about the variations available; consult with them and then decide the best one for your car.

With Alta Mere you will find plenty of options in terms of types. We only provide quality service with quality materials. Come to us and get your car or truck window tint at a reasonable price.