Important Tips for Preventing and Repairing a Sandblasted Windshield

Sandblasted Windshield

Passion for cars is very common. If you’re passionate about cars, you must take care of the ones you have in your garage, right? Buying car after car doesn’t prove the passion; rather, if you own one car and maintain it with great care, that demonstrates your love for cars more than anything.

As a car owner, you already know what type of maintenance a car requires to perform at its best. But there are often many small parts of maintenance that you might ignore. This small oversight can cause bigger issues for your car, so precaution is always required.

Issues with the windshield are one of those things that mostly get ignored first. But that can result in a sandblasted windshield, and you may have trouble while driving.

What Is a Sandblasted Windshield?

In dry areas, dust and small particles are commonly found in the air. The high level of pollution also plays a crucial role. You can’t identify these things separately, but your windshield can be affected by them. The prolonged attack of these particles on your windshield can create small holes, allowing the dust and dirt to enter your car.

As a resident of OKC, you can find mobile windshield repair in OKC if you discover such problems while on the road. However, it is always better to go for prevention before you notice a problem.

What Are the Ways to Prevent a Sandblasted Windshield?

Maintenance is the key to managing the upkeep of any product, and a car is no exception. Along with the other parts of a car, the windshield also demands your attention and good care. Here is how you can prevent problems:

  • Cleaning is very important, but be cautious about what type of cleaning solution you use. Products containing ammonia may clean your windshield well, but they can cause damage to plastic, rubber, vinyl, leather and other materials. The fumes released from it is also dangerous to inhale.
  • Don’t park your car just anywhere. Parking in the shade protects your car from direct sunbeams and rain and increases its longevity.
  • Temperature change is another factor you need to take seriously. When changing the temperature in your car from hot to cold or vice versa, you should do so slowly. Otherwise, it creates excessive pressure in the windshield.
  • It is imperative to immediately repair any crack in the windshield. A star-shaped crack will affect the appearance of your car, besides increasing the chance of an accident due to vision obstruction.
  • Don’t vent your anger on your car door. Slamming the door hard creates pressure on the windshield through vibration, which reduces its lifespan.
  • Replacing the windshield wipers regularly is also important. Otherwise, they will fail to wipe off rain properly, and the remaining raindrops and dust can mess up the windshield.
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When Should You Call the Professionals?

If the prevention measures work well, you may not need mobile windshield repair in OKC. But sometimes the situation goes beyond your control, or you fail to notice the smaller problems leading up to a crisis. If you find yourself in an emergency situation, you need the help of a professional hand. Alta Mere is a reputed automobile repair company that you can rely on to fix your treasured car.