How to Take Care of Your Tonneau Cover In OKC

tonneau covers in okc

What is the buzz about tonneau covers? You have seen trucks on the highway with a cover over the bed made of leather or vinyl: this is a tonneau cover, and it has a wide range of benefits. This cover will keep a lid on the truck bed, keeping your haul safe. It withstands water and changes the entire look of the vehicle. You can find manufacturers and dealers of tonneau covers in okc, but before choosing one of them, make sure you know how to select a good tonneau cover and how to take proper care of it.

Tips for Taking Care of Tonneau Covers:

  • To care for the heavy-duty, leather or vinyl cover that stands up against harsh weather conditions, you need to find the right protectant. You have two practical options. First, you can add a layer on top of the cover to protect it from dust and grime and to make it look newly bought.

The second option is to use a cleanser that is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and safe for the cover surface. By choosing a good cleaner, you can keep the cover free of bird droppings. Cleaning it properly ensures the cover will not crack, fade or harden, and a silicone-free cleaning product will maintain the appearance of the cover.

Every time you wash the cover, do not forget to spray on a protectant and remove the extra using a paper towel or a soft piece of cotton. The protectant also works as a lubricant so that, if necessary, you can retract the cover without any hassle.

  • The next thing you should add to your schedule is inspecting the cover on a regular basis. Check hardware, bolts, clamps, etc.  to ensure they are secured and fastened properly. If they are not secured, the cover might be misplaced with the motion of the truck.
  • You do not need to set specific a routine to examine the cover. Honestly, there should be no time limit or frequency, but do check the lid to make sure it opens properly. Tonneau covers in okc are exposed to rain and other weather elements frequently, and with time, lubricants on the rail might fade away, leading to traction when you open the cover. If needed, you should lubricate the rails to protect from further damage.
  • Keeping heavy objects on the cover can damage or destroy it. If you want to put heavy material on the cover, first check the manual that came with your tonneau cover to look up the weight limit.
  • Every week, you should clean the cover. Use mild soap and water to wash the cover after it has accumulated dirt, debris, grime or mud. Soak a soft cotton cloth in soapy water and gently remove the dirt.

Once you clean the cover, do not forget to close the lid again. Following these tips will ensure your truck is ready to go for miles again.