How Can Auto Paint Protection Help a New Car?

Buying a car is itself expensive, especially with the accessories. The on-road price even depends on the city you are residing. Most car owners prefer auto paint protection for an old vehicle, but you may think, is it really a need for a new one? Let’s answer all your queries. Before you spend hard earned money on car paint protection, you need to know the details.

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What Is Paint Protection?

For decades car paint protection is a popular choice for the car owner. This is nothing, but a film installed on the car surface to protect the car paint. This paint protection is there to protect car paint from harsh weather, chemicals, bird droppings etc. This film can even save the car paint from scratches. Rather than painting the car all over again due to scratch, installing a car protection film and maintaining it are less expensive and easier.

How to Apply?

This paint protection film is directly applied to the car surface removing every bit of car wax. Car wax again is applied after installing the film. It is essential to take help of the professionals to install this film because the appearance highly depends on it. An amateur installation can leave car wax, air bubbles or other contaminants under the film which can in long run, harm the car and spoil the purpose of car paint protection.

The risks involved with unprofessional paint protection film are:

  • Sealants can have highly harmful chemicals and only professionals know how to use without any side effects. 
  • There should be nothing on the car surface, for example, wax, oil or other pollutants. These substances are known to break the film. 
  • When applied over harmful chemicals, it will affect both the car paint and protection film. 
  • The inappropriate application can create scratch marks and swirl marks on the surface that is difficult to remove.
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Benefits of Car protection Film

This is a shield for the car paint. Therefore, it has multiple benefits for the car. Here are those:

  • Durable, tough and long lasting
  • Less maintenance 
  • Washable
  • Can be wax polished
  • Safely removable
  • Does not affect car paint
  • Does not crack or peel 
  • Protects from UV rays
  • Scratch proof

Protect Multiple Areas

Not only the car surface to protect paint this film can also be applied on

  • Door handles and edges
  • Trunk ledges 
  • Rocker and fender panels
  • Bumpers
  • Hoods 
  • Side Mirrors

Not for an old car only but for a new car this protection film works similarly. If you find these aforementioned points beneficial, take your car to a service provider to install auto paint protection film. For this, Alta Mere is so far the best provider in OKC.