What Damages Car Paint the Most

A car is one of the most valuable assets a person can own. It is your responsibility to do everything to keep your car in good condition, or risk emptying your pockets. Along with the car itself, the car paint also involves a hefty investment. Moreover, the appearance of your car depends a lot on its paint job.

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How long do you expect your car paint to remain as it is? The more the car is on the road, the more damage it takes. The causes include dirt, dust, sand, stone chips, tire debris, bird droppings and many others.

Therefore, to protect the car paint from premature fading and damage, paint protection film is a great option. Here is a list of things a good auto protection film can protect your car from on the road

  • Pebbles and gravel are small stones that can bounce from the road and hit your vehicle. They can create chips in the paint and cause severe damage. If you cannot avoid such roads, it is best to install a paint protection film.

  • You can't avoid dust, but you can avoid dirty cars with regular maintenance. Dirt can spoil the look, and it can also create scratches on the car paint if no protection is installed.

  • The sun is another potential hazard. Harmful UV rays can make the paint fade and peel and can damage the interior of the car. You can bring your garage with you, so paint protection film serves you well.

  • Bugs have acid in their guts. A dead insect left on the car can release the acid and eat away at the paint. A protective film can prevent acidity from damaging the paint.

  • Moisture is another contaminant that can damage car paint. Rust, perforation and bubbling can take place anywhere on the car and spread if the car is not well maintained.

If you're all set to get a paint protection film for your car, you should come to us for quality service. At Alta Mere, quality materials and professional installation can help you achieve the most desired result.