Clear Your Conceptions About Car Paint Protection Film

People who care for their cars are opting for the car paint protection film in Oklahoma City massively. Not only the pristine and fresh look is the reason but also there is the intention of saving money by reducing the cost of repaint. Car is meant to be on road and it is not possible to prevent it from being exposed to the environment. The rough elements of the environment including stone chips, debris, bird-droppings and many others are not possible to be avoided in this case. But, you can’t let your car paint get damaged with all these things, right? And here comes the name of the solution – paint protection film.

There is a misconception that the original paint gets maligned with the film. This is absurd. Let us take a tour to the material in detail so that you can have a clear perception.

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What Is Paint Protection Film?

This is basically a tough and transparent cover for your car paint, made from flexible acrylic and urethane or polyurethane. It was developed during the time of Vietnam War for vulnerable military items. The functionality of this protection film lies in protecting your car from the environmental contaminants, stone chips, insects, minor abrasions, bird droppings and scratches. Also, it has a self-healing feature that can prevent minor scratches from being visible.

What Is the Installation Process?

The installation process is a bit tricky and only the professionals can perform the same. Mostly, the installers use templates designed in a way to achieve a precise fit to your car. The body of the car is fully cleaned for the flawless application of the film. Using the right tool, water and a slip solution the film is applied to the right position. After placing the paint protection film, the liquid beneath the same is squeezed out. The installation process can take one morning to couple of days. It depends on the complexity and the size of the car.

What If It Is Not an Original Paint?

Even if the car is repainted, the application of the film is possible, but it would need time. After the paint, it should be given adequate time to get dried up. Otherwise, the paint can be ruined at the time of removing the film.

What Are the Coverage Areas?

The most vulnerable areas are recommended to be protected with this film. It includes wheel-arches, hoods and bumpers. If required, one can cover the entire exterior of the car as well.

Some Added Information

People of Oklahoma City hire professionals for car paint protection film to be installed and it is required. With professional knowledge, one cannot install the film without any flaw. For the maintenance, mild wash is recommended. The film can be waxed or polished. In case of damage and discoloration, the peeling off of the film and re-installation of the same would be a better option.

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In order to get a quality film installed on your car, you need to find out a professional installer in Oklahoma City. Alta Mere is a good option for you to get a combination of quality film, flawless installation and affordable package.