Clear Bra for Cars: Should You Invest?

A car is one of the most valuable assets you own where you have invested a good amount of money. No matter if the car paint is customized or not, you need to bear a large cost to have it repainted when there has been any scratches or damage. This is pretty annoying, but as you can’t always keep your car in the shed, you can’t stop it from being exposed to the weather and the elements. Would you keep on investing to repaint it over and over again? No and you don’t have to! You can choose a car protection film for avoiding such consequences.

There are two types of car paint or car protection bra. One is painted, which gives your car a different look altogether and the other is a clear bra for cars. In this case, you can maintain the original look of the car with protection. This blog will be on the second type of car protection film. As there are many negative myths spread around, let’s discuss it to get a clear idea:

Car Clear Bra.jpg


The idea of a clear bra for cars is great indeed. This is an excellent way to protect your car without affecting its original paint or look. If the advantageous areas can be focused on and listed, it will be easier for you to understand the whole concept.

  1. It provides protection to the most vulnerable areas of a car.

  2. It is durable.

  3. The need of repainting the bumper or fascia will be reduced.

  4. It will add value to the car in future if you plan to sell.

  5. It is an excellent way to protect the car paint from nominal scratches.


The idea of advantages and disadvantages are relative. Something that looks fine for one, may seem imperfect for others. Still, based on the uses and reviews from users, here are some of the disadvantages of a clear bra for cars.

  • It might be an expensive investment for little coverage.

  • The durability is questioned depending on the type and quality.

  • It may not look good. Suppose you have a matte finish paint on your car, then you may not be able to flaunt it as a clear bra for cars has a shiny finish.

Clear Bra for Cars.jpg

The quality matters for getting the desired outcome of a clear bra for cars. It is suggested to get the service from a reputable service provider so that you don’t end up spending in vain. You can consult Alta Mere for the car paint and opt for their affordable service.