Clear Bra for Cars: Service Worth the Investment?

In order to save your dear car from scratches, weather exposure, bird droppings and many other pollutants, you need a clear bra for cars. People often opt for re-painting, but that can be costly and you end up repeating the same investment on a regular basis to keep your car glowing. Does this make sense? No. This is the reason why auto paint protection is now trending.


The clear bra for cars has several benefits for which people have become attracted to. Conversely, there are some disadvantages that have also come up with research. This detailed discussion will help you to understand the scenario better.

The Pros

There are several benefits of having auto paint protection for which is at the top of popularity. The features are its benefits. Take a look at some of those below:

  1. Long-term paint protection for the troublesome areas. Paint is costly, so it is necessary to protect it. The clear bra will not affect the paint negatively and will work as a shield for your car.

  2. Due to its durability, you will not be required to repaint your car repeatedly at intervals of every few years. Therefore, it will save you money.

  3. Little maintenance is required, but if it is provided, the auto paint protection will last longer.

  4. If your car paint is matte finished, a single scratch can spoil the entire look; the only way of protecting this is the clear bra for car.

The Cons

The other side of the coin shows the somewhat opposite. Based on research and reviews, the cons have been listed. Though the cons are much less, it is important to know the issues some people have faced.

  1. It is a little expensive but provides coverage in comparison to this.

  2. The durability of the protection film is quite good, but if it is not maintained properly, many problems may arise. Washing the car has some do’s and don’ts that, when followed, will allow it to last longer. You need to consult a professional for the instructions.

  3. If you have matte finish paint, the glossy paint protection would spoil the look. The matte look wouldn’t be exposed at all. Moreover, if you try to install it on your own it could result in air bubbles, causing it to be awful to look at.

Call Alta Mere for the clear bra for cars along with installation. The professionals will make it a worthy investment for you.