Car Paint Protection Film – Everything About It

Who does not want to keep a car safe and sound? Often, we find bird droppings, scratches or chips to spoil the look of a car and this is a heart-wrenching. We do not want it to happen to your car also. Therefore, a paint protector should be a crucial part of your vehicle.

A paint protection film is made of a clear, thin and robust urethane film. It is only 0.006 inch in thickness. A human hair is approximately 0.001-inch-thick, in this respect. It acts as a protector on exposed paint surfaces against scratches, chips of stone and spots. The laminated surfaces are also protected from decay because they contain UV inhibitors.

The bumper and hood of a car are the most popular application areas of a paint protection film. It's also possible to cover mirrors and quarter panels in front or to cover your whole car if you're very protective about the car. It is quite common for expensive cars and highly depends on the car size on which the cost differs.

Paint Protection Film.jpg


The whole concept of a protective paint film is evident - make a strong urethane film having adhesive on one side and place it on the delicate surface of the car. Practically speaking, it is nearly impossible to manipulate and correctly apply large thin and sticky sheets of film to a bright paint surface (no air bubbles, folds, wrinkles or other flaws) without professional hands. That is why we always suggest doing a professional clear bra installation for cars.

Besides, only authorized installers have manufacturer warranties available. Therefore, installation is left to the professionals most of the time. Applying the paint protection film requires proper training and practice. This incredibly complex and challenging process is made easy by qualified installers. The installation procedure and time depend on the entire surface to-be-covered.

Take Care of It

The paint film is generally maintenance-free. Application of the wax spray and the fast finish sealant can offer additional UV protection. These are abrasive material free, most importantly, and do not leave any remnant along the film's edge.

Once the film has been installed, you should not take it for an automatic car wash and keep it away from waxing for a week so that the film can adhere appropriately to the painting surface. It should be held away from a dye containing wax, abrasive polishes and rubbing compounds. After it cures, just like the paint on the rest of the car, you can care for a paint protection film.

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