Benefits and Types of Truck Bed Covers: Which One Should You Choose?

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When you have invested in buying a truck, you have the responsibility to protect it. A truck is one of the toughest vehicles on the road. It carries heavy cargo and remains exposed to the elements for a long time. Therefore, it demands special care to maintain its performance. It is better to make small investments to protect the vehicle than a lump sum when it is badly damaged. A truck bed cover is one of those small investments that make your truck more durable and stretch its longevity.

The Advantages of Installing a Truck Bed Cover

The installation of a truck bed cover is extremely beneficial for a truck. Some of the many benefits are listed below:

Protection from the weather:



The truck bed is always exposed to the weather. Extreme weather can affect the quality of the bed, and thus the overall performance of the truck deteriorates. To protect the truck bed from moisture, heat, snow, rust and many other elements of the atmosphere, install a truck bed cover. If you are a resident of Oklahoma, you can visit Alta Mere for the best truck bed covers in OKC.


When you go out in your vehicle, you want it to give a good impression. The attractive truck bed covers in OKC will serve this purpose. You can choose from many different types of materials, designs and colors.

Theft protection

Besides the above-mentioned benefits, theft protection is another added advantage of truck bed covers. A hard cover that comes with a lock can protect your important tools and cargo from being stolen.

Warranty facility

Truck bed covers in OKC are available with a warranty facility for the sake of the customers. Under certain terms and conditions, you can get coverage against the damage of your truck bed cover.

Types of Truck Bed Covers

Alta Mere and other product dealers offer several types of truck bed covers in OKC from which you can pick according to your requirements and budget. Here are some of the common types:

· Vinyl bed covers: This inexpensive type is easy to install. No drilling is needed, as vinyl bed covers are installed with a frame and clamp. The material of this cover is not very tough, so you can’t expect it to be extremely long-lasting.

· Rolling covers: These are soft covers that can be rolled back to access the truck bed. The installation is easy with a clamp and frame design.

· Fiberglass covers: This type is mainly popular for its durability. Fiberglass covers are generally removable, but they often weigh up to hundred pounds. They can also be mounted with a frame and clamp, with which you can open and close the lid. It is much more expensive than other options.

· Foldable lids: You can choose between soft and hard material for this cover. The hard one is often preferable, as the lock can prevent the tailgate from being opened. The accessibility of the truck bed is the focus of this cover. As it can be folded easily, you can expose the truck bed without any hassle.

· Hard plastic covers: Lighter than fiberglass covers, the hard plastic covers are easily removable. Their strength is equivalent to that of the fiberglass covers, and they can be locked.

Choosing the best cover according to your needs is a tough task. You can contact the experts of Alta Mere for the most suitable truck bed covers in OKC. They can help you find the right choice, which will be durable and stylish yet within your budget.