Auto Windows Tint: Are You Compliant with the Law?

Auto window tint is a popular way to upgrade the look of your car in addition to maintaining its privacy. Apart from this, your car interior will also be protected from harmful UV rays.

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But there is a catch. When tinting your car windows, you need to comply with the laws of your state. Being a resident of Oklahoma City, you need to know the laws about car window tinting in OKC to avoid any legal trouble. But first let’s go through the benefits of applying window tints.

  • Window tinting blocks the scorching sunlight and protects the upholstery, vinyl and leather in your vehicle. It extends the shelf-life of the car, in terms of look.

  • A quality auto window tint can block 99 percent sun rays that are harmful and cause skin cancer and aging.

  • To cope with the temperature outside, you switch on the AC in your car. But tinted car windows keep the car interior cooler. Because of this the cars air conditioner will last longer as it does not need to struggle as much against outside climates.

  • The window tints also protect passengers from shattered glass in the event of an accident. Flying glass can hurt passengers which can be prevented with tinted windows.

  • The car window tint maintains privacy and security for the vehicle.

Looking at the varieties of car window tinting in OKC, these are the most common types found along with the positives of having them.

  1. Dyed Windows Tinting: This is one of the inexpensive variations which can effectively block powerful sunlight.

  2. Metallic Window Tinting: This one is similar to the dyed window tinting, but instead of dye, it uses tiny metallic particles. It makes the window shatter-resistant as well.

  3. Hybrid Window Tinting: This is a combination of metallic and dyed window tinting. Generally, titanium and grey dye are combined together to make this type.

  4. Carbon Window Tinting: It gives you the best look for your car. The matte finish of the carbon window tinting enhances its charm.

  5. Ceramic Auto Window Tinting: This type is made of ceramic particles that incorporate non-conductive properties to block 50 percent of solar heat.

Role of Law and Order

Oklahoma City has a set of rules for auto window tinting and these vary from each type of car. The darkness of the tint is measured in OKC by the VLT or Visible Light Transmission percentage. If you want to opt for car window tinting in OKC, you need to abide by the rules:

  • Sedan and Coupe: For a sedan or coupe, a non-reflective tint is allowed in the front, above the AS-1 line of the manufacturer. For all other windows and the back, the minimum VLT is 25 percent. It is imperative to maintain that the windows allow more than 25 percent light come through when using a tint. The reflection should not be more than 25 percent.

  • Trucks and SUVs: The front glass tint should be above the manufacturer’s AS-1 line, but for the other windows and the rear glass, any shade is allowed. For the reflection 25 percent is again the limit.

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Before you apply any auto window tint in Oklahoma City, consult the professionals of Alta Mere to know the best type for your car and stay compliant with the law.