Are Tonneau Covers Water Resistant?


A tonneau cover is a soft cover or sheet made up of any material that is used to cover the passenger seats of a vehicle when not in use. The market is flooded with a wide variety of options for tonneau covers, which come in both big and small sizes. Customers often find it difficult to choose among tonneau covers in Oklahoma City, especially when they wish to have maximum water protection for their vehicles.

No machine on earth can be one hundred percent efficient; likewise, no tonneau cover can offer zero wetness assurance for your car. Since vehicles are the instruments most prone to harsh climatic conditions and natural threat, covering up your car when not in use is a great way to avoid damages. How to cover a vehicle with a tonneau cover and whether tonneau covers are really water resistant or not are indeed big questions. This blog helps you with every detail related to tonneau covers and briefs you about the features that make them almost entirely water resistant.

Tonneau covers come in several types, and here we have grouped them in descending order and according to their water resisting capacities.

Most Water Resistant

If you are seeking to keep as much water as possible away from your vehicle bed, then you should go for a painted single piece car cover, as they are popular tonneau covers in Oklahoma City. This design includes a single piece of fiber glass or ABS plastic that shelters your car bed nicely. This type of tonneau cover usually covers from the rear to the front of the vehicle, leaving only a little space for water to intrude. This particular design is available in several colors and options.

Very Water Resistant

A very water resistant tonneau cover comes in three different specifications, as discussed below:


A retractable tonneau cover comes out of a canister and rolls out to cover your car’s body. It contains several tracts or channels through which water gets drained out, and thus it helps keep your car seats dry.

Hard Roll-Up

This type has panels and a vinyl overlay that work together to create a cover that keeps the majority of water out of your vehicle’s bed. These covers combine the security of a hard cover with the look of a soft roll-up by using either a vinyl or canvas lining over a series of interlocking panels.

Hard Folding

Tonneau covers of this particular type consist of either aluminum or thermoplastic panels that fold back to allow bed access. If installed correctly, this particular design can give you a good balance of water resistance and great utility, because many of them allow near-total bed access when opened and can be removed easily to make room for large cargo.

Moderately Water Resistant

As the name suggests this type of tonneau cover offers moderate water resistance for your car. However, it is interesting to know that it comes in two different varieties: soft folding and soft roll-up. These covers are one of the easiest types, as they require no special tools to install. A soft folding tonneau cover sits at the top of your car’s bed rails, and thus it allows water to flow down through the sides. A soft roll-up cover opens by rolling toward the rear of your vehicle bed.

Somewhat Water Resistant

The designs pertaining to this particular type of tonneau cover mostly consist of the primitive forms of sheets or covers. These designs are very affordable compared to the other ones, and thus people often choose this type. They offer little protection from water and prove totally unsafe during extreme weather disturbances.

With this knowledge in mind, it is much easier for you to pick out the best tonneau cover in Oklahoma City for your vehicle.