An Introduction to Auto Paint Protection

We all already know about car protection film. Clear Bra for cars makes the car better looking besides giving it protection from weather, water, and pollution. It also protects the car from bird dropping, mineral deposit, scratches, chemical stains etc. Actually, putting a car protection means setting a defense between the car paint and the harmful components.

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The Technology of Clear Bra

The Auto Paint Protection film is a transparent one and first came in notice during Vietnam War. With the evolving technology, it has changed a lot and for the cars, this is now an inseparable part. The key ingredient of this film is urethane i.e. a versatile and strong polymer. Amongst other attributes, the most noticeable facts are its lightweight and transparency. These same qualities are found in plastic, but unlike plastic, this material is sturdier and protected from wear and tear. It has a strong defense against abrasion, corrosion besides being flexible and can return to the original shape after stretching or disfiguring.

The primary material urethane seals moisture and stops mold growth. A quality auto paint protection made of this material has at least two layers of urethane. The first coat is made of elastomeric polymers; it protects from small scratches and compound materials of bird-dropping or other organic material.

The second coat is an acrylic adhesive that is flexible. That is why the car protection film can be stretched around the car to contour it. The adhesive protects it from getting detached; this is transparent and does not affect the vehicle’s appearance.

Liabilities of Car Protection

Yet after being applied, the transparent car protection film remains invisible in naked eyes, but being an installer of car protection film, we know people had a lot of complaints against this wonderful product earlier.

Yellowing – Earlier the car protection films tend to turn yellow or showed yellow patches, especially in white colored cars. This yellow color comes from the adhesive used for attaching the film to the car. Constant UV exposure turns the film yellow. To prevent this discoloration, these days the car protection films use an acrylic adhesive that is UV ray resistant and does not turn yellow.

Blistering – If there are air or water bubbles underneath the film, it can cause a blistering effect. Besides spoiling the appearance of the car, it decreases the lifespan of it. An improper installation process can cause it, and this is a clear separation between car paint and protection film. A proper installation removes all contaminants that can create a bubble and only a professional hand can install it well on the surface.

Peeling – Due to an unprofessional installation, the film can start to peel away from the car and it mostly starts from the edges. A close pressure wash, especially, the closeness of less than 12 inches can cause this problem. Moreover, a pressure to the edges of the film also can cause peeling.

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