An Insight on Paint Protection Film for Your Car

You fueled your Jaguar and ready to start. Don’t you want your pride to get the best start of the life? If yes, before you let it run on the roads protect it well. Paint protection films cover up the cars and keep it away from all kind of wear and tear. We know you have insured your car and have good driving skills. Is it enough? What about the rocks and chips and weather ailments? Have you protected your car from those? Paint protection layer can save your car from it; otherwise, you may have to repaint the car. The process of application starts with a careful cleaning process, it intends to remove all dirt and contaminants from the surface. Generally, we use citrus foam for a pre-wash. It is applied to the car before water pressure rinses off the dirt. After the rinse off process, the car is washed using shampoo and microfiber cloth and distilled water.

Paint Protection Film.jpg

After cleaning the Jaguar completely, now it is the turn of the wheels. We remove the wheels and decontaminate fully before applying any coat. Next, the car gets a machine polish for removing buffer trails and holograms.

Now the car is ready to get paint protection film. The customers generally request to cover areas like front bumpers and wings, side mirror and skirts, sections of rear bumpers. The films are cut using a computerized cutting plotter.

The film is applied using a sealant that is the most advanced and durable nanotechnology based. This layer itself gives dual protection, the lower one gives hardness and a flexible base. The upper one is incredibly tough and weather resistant. Above all, for the best results, the Jaguar gets a crystal serum application for additional advantages.

Paint Protection.jpg

Your car also can be protected this way. Not only jaguar but also every type of car can get this same treatment and paint protection film applied. Come to Alta Mere to get it in the most advanced way.