A Look at Auto Window Tint and Regulations

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If it is done correctly, it gives your car a mesmerizing appearance. Apart from the protection from the harmful UV rays to affect the interior, the appearance is also a thing that attracts people towards it.

Yes, we are talking about auto window tint.

If you are eager to know about this fantastic option more, here we have some important information for you.

The Law

The first area of consideration for the auto window tint is the law. The law differs from place to place and if you live in OKC, you need to know the law of car window tinting for this particular place. A basic rule of window tint is that it should allow at least 70% of light through it. It is applicable to the front part. And for the rear part, it can be as dark as you want. For the rules in details, you can contact our experts at Alta Mere.

The Preparation

It is always recommended to hire a professional for installing an auto window tint. A single mistake or inexpert handling can ruin the look of your car instead of making it more attractive.

The professionals in OKC follow three steps for car window tinting – preparation, cleaning and installation. The preparation needs window tint kit, squeegee, spray bottle, cutting knife, tint solution and bucket. Generally, they do it in somewhere far from the road, to avoid the dust and dirt accumulation. Next comes the cleaning. It is also a part of the preparation. The car exterior needs to be cleaned thoroughly for a good installation. There shouldn’t be any mark on the window glass, the sticky residue of any sticker should be removed and the rubber seals should be cleaned as well. With clean clothes, the entire exterior is cleaned until the cloth moves freely on it. Then comes the expert installation, it removes air to create bubbles under the tint and spoil its look.

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The rear glass tinting is a little harder than the windows as it is larger than the windows. As it keeps the car cooler, secured and privacy protected people in OKC prefer car window tinting to be installed in the rear glasses as well. But, for getting successful window tinting, you should consult one who is experienced and professional.

We are one of such reputed and experienced expert company who provides car window tinting service in OKC. Come to us at Alta Mere and find the best solution for your car to be secured and charming.