5 Tips for Removing Car Window Tint Bubbles

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Although car window tinting is one of the least expensive options for your car windows, it gives the most attractive result. If you want to rev up the style quotient of your car, car window tinting in OKC is the best choice. These tints are available with SPF protectant to keep the ill effects of UV rays away. These tints allow light inside, make the interior look spacious and reduce glare. Car window tinting in OKC is extremely popular, but people sometimes complain about bubbles between the window and tint sheet. This most often happens when the tinting was applied at home.

What Causes the Bubbles?

If there are water droplets present when you apply the tint to the window, they can cause bubbles. These droplets generally evaporate within 15 days, but if not, then that is a sign of poor application. There can be air bubbles, too, and to prevent those, the application requires a professional hand. The presence of debris and dirt can also cause a bubble. Someone unfamiliar with proper tint application might not know the importance of cleaning the window properly—these are the little critical details only a professional can tell. On the other hand, bubbles may also form if the tint is old and the adhesive starts to fail.

How to Prevent Bubbles

Prevention is always better than a cure. To prevent bubbles from forming between the windows and the tint, you should follow these tips:

  1. Pay attention to the quality of the tint. Higher quality means fewer bubbles.
  2. Always hire a professional, as they know better how to apply and adhere the product well.
  3. Always use ammonia-free cleaning solutions to clean the windows. You should also avoid vinegar or similar products. Buy cleaners that are specifically formulated for tinted windows, or simply use water mixed with a little mild detergent or soap.
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How to Remove Window Bubbles

Even after taking all those precautions, bubbles may still be present on your windows. This is unfortunate and frustrating. But what can you do? Don’t panic; there is a way to remove such window bubbles. If the tint was applied by a professional service, you should have a warranty or similar coverage. Otherwise, here are some quick remedies:

  • Warm the window by parking your car in the sun or using a hairdryer. 
  • Mist the window using room-temperature water, but do not soak it. 
  • Poke a tiny hole in each of the bubbles using a sharp, straight pin, but be careful to not tear the tint film. 
  • When the window is warm and damp, use an expired credit card to smooth out the bubbles. Smooth it towards the edges holding it at 45-degree angle. You should move the card slowly to avoid damage. 
  • You can also use a lint-free cloth to check if there any bubbles present.

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